Trinity High School Walk-A-Thon '18 - September 28, 2018

Trinity High School

Blazers Philanthropy In Action
80K and Stretch Goal is 160K

Service Learning is integral to the education fabric at Trinity High School. In the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, young women are challenged to seek faith, knowledge and truth. We kick off each academic year with a campus wide day of Service – Blazers Philanthropy In Action Walk-A-Thon to orientate us to the wider community and its needs. During our Walk-A Thon we will embrace:

“Joy is a sign of generosity. When you are full of joy, you move faster and you want to go about doing good to everyone.” Mother Teresa
Please help our students make a difference in our community and be self-directed toward responsible participation in the global community in order to impact society.

Please contact Andrea Day | 708.771.8383 Ext.346 |

Search for the student you wish to support and give whatever you can. Your extra ordinary philanthropy will further the educational pursuits of the Blazers.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Trinity is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All donations to the Trinity Walk-A-Thon are tax-deductible.